Redesign your life

You can change the life with Senoht vegan fashion.


Make finding your items easy with this canvas tote. It features large and spacious compartments for storing your valuables neatly.keeping your phone, and the tumbler pocket for holding your drink. The inner pockets can be used for your loose change, lip tint, or keys. No more rummaging through your bag just to find that 1 item you need!


Made from PU coated hard canvas fabric, this versatile bag is sure to keep its perfect shape at all times. The thick material is stiff enough to keep your tote standing up, regardless of how many items are in it. Heavy duty and life waterproof, our canvas tote withstands rain and splashes without any problem. Bring it to the party, the office, the school, or a picnic—this durable but lightweight bag is designed to last.


Carry books inside your tote without worries of your strap giving out. With our thick strap and durable hand grip, no load is ever too heavy. Wear it a number of ways: the adjustable strap lets you model your bag crossbody or over your shoulder. To hold your bag or wear it around your wrist, simply detach the strap and use the easy-to-hold grip. Not only do you carry your stuff in style but also in comfort.


If you do not want your bag to give out while you’re walking in the street, don’t settle for flimsy totes that easily lose shape when carrying heavy items. Our canvas tote features a base shaper at the bottom to ensure it doesn’t droop when handling extra weight. This added cushioning also ensures your bag doesn’t easily torn or frayed. No more wearing a deformed bag that takes away the chic in your OOTD.


For many women, their tote is their whole life in a cocoon. Everything they need to get through the day is there: makeup, lotion, receipts, money, tumbler, hand wipes, and even snacks. This is why a large and spacious bag never goes out of trend. Our canvas tote is the perfect accessory if you want a practical bag that’s also incredibly stylish. It’s convenient, comfortable, and fashionable all rolled into one!


One of the major trends in fashion today is sustainability. Senoht is a brand that gives the highest value in vegan fashion. If you’re looking for a chic canvas bag for your eco-conscious lifestyle, ours is an excellent pick. Made from products that put animal skins to shame, it makes a great substitute for leather. Do you part for Mother Earth and choose practicality sans animal suffering with our vegan canvas tote.